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Vegetable Research

Vegetable research and breeding at JHI has focused on swedes, kale, turnips and forage rape, not only for their use as fodder crops or for human consumption, but also for their important role as game cover and in biodiversity mixes.

In addition, recent vegetable research at the Institute of Food Research In Norwich has demonstrated that cooked swedes and kale contain allyl-isothiocyanate (AITC), a natural plant chemical that is thought to kill colon cancer cells.

MRS is interested in talking to companies interested in breeding these crops, developing functional foods based on their anti-cancer properties or exploiting their role in promoting wildlife.

Scientists at the JHI are also working on vegetable research projects related to onions and broccoli as well as looking at protein crops such as peas and beans, both as an alternative to soya and as an important crop in sustainable crop production systems.

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